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Artist Profile

Mitra is an artist scientist with dual nationality, British-Iranian. She has a BSc in Biomedical sciences, MSc in bio-engineering, MPhil in optics, and PhD in Computational modelling of bio-materials, postdoc ... you get the idea! That's she is a researcher in engineering.  In the culture she was born and raised, science has more importance as compared to arts in the life because the society view the arts as a hobby but not a real career. Her family was against her becoming an artist or better to say a female artist. Though, art and creativity have been a massive part of her life from her early age.  But apart from worrying about her more technical career, she has been living a secret life as a fine artist.


Unlike many of their contemporaries, Mitra is primarily self-taught and has her own approach to create an artwork, who had no formal training in art. In her paintings, she tries to reflect judgements about the nature of meaningful connections between artworks and its larger context. She follows Western and modern arts styles, while she freely express herself with painting, away from those strictly cultural and religious systems where she was born and raised. Mitra loves creating texture in her paintings using a range of unconventional materials such as Plaster or using specific painting style. She also uses mixed media including oil- or acrylic-based colours to create her works.  Mitra loves animals and flowers, and her Still Life paintings are inspired by nature. In addition, her nude artworks show her as a freethinker where she can symbolise the human body from innocence and vulnerability to love and lust.


She believes, all women around the world should be free to express their religious beliefs or decide for their own bodies. Women should be free from discrimination and prejudice because of their gender. Her nude paintings are not as an explanation, but just the beauty of being a female. She believes, yet, dealing the expectation of the nude painter artists with the general public emerged as a difficult and demanding task. She is using her skills and creating artworks depicting nude women, as is a powerful tool for challenging society’s sensibilities.

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