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Artist Profile

Mitra is a British-Iranian artist-scientist with an impressive academic background, including a BSc in Biomedical Sciences, MSc in Bio-Engineering, MPhil in Optics, and a PhD in Computational Modelling of Bio-Materials. Mitra's upbringing placed greater emphasis on science, but she has always had a passion for art and creativity, which she pursues as a fine artist in her free time. She is a self-taught artist who follows modern Western art styles, and her paintings reflect her unique approach to creating meaningful connections between art and its larger context.

Mitra's artistic style is known for its modern Western influences, which is reflected in her unique approach to creating art. Her unconventional use of materials such as plaster and mixed media, along with oil- or acrylic-based colors, adds texture and depth to her pieces. Her ability to experiment with these materials allows her to create striking compositions that are both visually stunning and conceptually intriguing. Her dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms makes her a truly innovative and exciting artist to watch.

As an artist, she finds her inspiration in the natural world, in the curves and lines of the human form, and in the beauty of animals. She believes that the human body, particularly the female form, is something to be celebrated and embraced, and she strives to capture its essence in her work. Through her art, she seeks to challenge society’s norms and beliefs about nudity and the human body, and to show that it is something natural and beautiful. Her paintings of nude women are not meant to be provocative or sexual but rather an homage to the human form and the beauty that lies within it. Nature is another source of inspiration for her, with its endless colors, textures, and patterns. She is particularly drawn to animals, and their unique features and personalities often find their way into her work. 

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